Static Discharge Grounding Reel, Static Grounding Clamp Manufacturer, India

Static Discharge Grounding Reel

Bright "Static Discharge" cable reels are designed to be robust and offer a high durability. Your grounding application needs can be perfectly satisfied by BRIGHT Static Discharge Grounding Reels. Grounding is essential to neutralise static load in dangerous environments, such as refuelling operations, to ensure safety. Our reels are intended for usage in areas that are flammable where static accumulation could cause a spark and subsequent explosion. Therefore, it is imperative that you take precautions against the risks connected with static electricity in order to protect workers, valuable equipment, and property from harm or damage.

Market's choice BRIGHT make Static Discharge Grounding Reel to reduce equipment static buildup & will keep delicate working conditions safe. Superiority & Quality counts each and every time.

Concept and Structure

  • Compact static discharge cable reels are available with hand crank retraction or Auto rewind options .
  • Frequently used in conjunction with fuel reels and for grounding in flammable environments
  • Used to safeguard equipment working in high risk environments
  • Reduces the chances of sparking and the risk of explosion by dissipating static electrical buildup
  • Multi-position non-sparking lock ratchet mechanism secures cable at desired length
  • Reel includes 100 Amp grounding clamp, Ball stopper, and cable.


  • HDD Steel grade heavy duty construction
  • Strength & safety are provided by curled edges & reinforced discs.
  • Multipurpose guide arm can be mounted on a wall, the floor, the ceiling, or on a vehicle required position.
  • Leading 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in India. - Supplied and backed globally


  • Fueling SystemsTransfer & Pump Stations for FuelFueling Wheels, Containers, and TrucksMarinas & HarborsRefueling of Agriculture and Farm EquipmentBases & Mobile Operations for the Military


    Model No. Cable Length (Mtr) Material Of Construction
    BI-SDR-05-CS 05 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-10-CS 10 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-15-CS 15 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-20-CS 20 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-25-CS 25 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-30-CS 30 Carbon Steel with Powder Coated
    BI-SDR-05-SS 05 Stainless Steel 304
    BI-SDR-10-SS 10 Stainless Steel 304
    BI-SDR-15-SS 15 Stainless Steel 304
    BI-SDR-20-SS 20 Stainless Steel 304
    BI-SDR-25-SS 25 Stainless Steel 304
    BI-SDR-30-SS 30 Stainless Steel 304

    Cable Details

    1cx 4 & 6 copper & single 7X7 stranded steel