Bright Retractable Gas Hose Reel, Bright Gas Hose Reel Manufacturer, India

Gas Hose Reel

BRIGHT “Gas hose reels” is among the finest in the industry. To accommodate different lengths of oxyacetylene twin line welding hose, we have a range of gas hose reels. Several retraction techniques are available, including spring-driven, hand-cranked, and motorised. They are simple to place on anything, including stationary areas in your store and mobile objects like trailers or carts. Installing a welding hose reel will keep your workshop organised, avoiding tripping hazards while extending the life of your line. This will improve workplace safety. Use our hose reels ease, dependability, and mobility to deploy your torch quickly and effectively wherever and whenever you need it.

Our gas welding application reels are carefully designed and constructed for durability; they are a lengthy solution. These reels are meant to withstand hard use and are built of heavy specific strength. Superiority & Quality counts each and every time.

Concept and Structure

  • Durable gas hose reels are available with hand crank retraction, motor rewind or Auto rewind options.
  • Service vehicles, workbenches, vertical walls and beams, vehicle lift systems, machine tools & gas trolleys, and other things are used frequently.
  • Strong horizontal surface mount bearings with lubrication for simple rewind.
  • Multi-position non-sparking lock ratchet mechanism secures cable at desired length


  • HDD Steel grade heavy duty construction
  • Strength & safety are provided by curled edges & reinforced discs.
  • Multipurpose guide arm can be mounted on a wall, the floor, the ceiling, or on a vehicle required position.
  • Leading 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in India. - Supplied and backed globally


  • Oxyacetylene Gas Welding
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Harbours, Waterfront, and Shipbuilders
  • Manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft
  • Welding trolleys



Model No. Hose Size ID (mm) Hose Length (Mtr) Hose Material
BI-OAR-0610 6 10 Rubber
BI-OAR-0810 8 10 Rubber
BI-OAR-0615 6 15 Rubber
BI-OAR-0815 8 15 Rubber
BI-OAR-0620 6 20 Rubber
BI-OAR-0820 8 20 Rubber
BI-OAR-0625 6 25 Rubber
BI-OAR-0825 8 25 Rubber
BI-OAR-0630 6 30 Rubber
BI-OAR-0830 8 30 Rubber


Model No. Hose Size ID (mm) Hose Length (Mtr) Hose Material
BI-OAR-M0610 6 10 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0810 8 10 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0620 6 20 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0820 8 20 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0630 6 30 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0830 8 30 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0640 6 40 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0840 8 40 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0650 6 50 Rubber
BI-OAR-M0850 8 50 Rubber


Bright also Makes Customized Gas Hose Reel according to the Customer Requirement.