Bright Retractable Fuel Hose Reel, Spring Rewind Fuel Hose Reel Manufacturer, India

Fuel Hose Reel

BRIGHT “Fuel Hose reels” are perfect for your fuel applications. We provide multiple reel configurations, hose length capacities, and adaptable mounting options to meet your fuel supply needs, whether you need to outfit a stationary refuelling site or a movable trailer, truck, or skid. For your reel to have the longest possible service life, our products are precisely designed and constructed for demanding applications. In addition to our normal powder coat finish, we also provide alternative finish options, such stainless steel, to provide your reel the highest anti-corrosive defence against hostile conditions and exposure to chemicals, solvents, and other peroxides.

In addition, our fuel hose reels contain a number of safety features, including non-sparking ratcheting mechanisms on the spring rewind reels and explosion-proof motors on the motorised reel versions. We also provide a series of static discharge grounding reels to help with the dissipation of static buildup and to meet your fuel supply needs in order to further ensure safety.

BRIGHT Fuel hose reels are a popular option in the market and a durable solution. Superiority & Quality counts each and every time

Concept and Structure

  • Robust fuel hose reels are available with hand crank retraction, motor rewind or Auto rewind options.
  • Frequently used in conjunction with fuel reels and for grounding in flammable environments
  • strong horizontal surface mount bearings with lubrication for simple rewind.
  • Multi-position non-sparking lock ratchet mechanism secures cable at desired length


  • HDD Steel grade heavy duty construction
  • Strength & safety are provided by curled edges & reinforced discs.
  • Multipurpose guide arm can be mounted on a wall, the floor, the ceiling, or on a vehicle required position.
  • Leading 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in India. - Supplied and backed globally


  • Fueling Systems
  • Transfer & Pump Stations for Fuel
  • Fueling Wheels, Containers, and Trucks
  • Marinas & Harbors
  • Refueling of Agriculture and Farm Equipment
  • Bases & Mobile Operations for the Military


Model No. Hose Size ID Hose Length (Mtr) Max Working Pressure (Bar)
BI-DR-3405 3/4" 05 20
BI-DR-3410 3/4" 10 20
BI-DR-3415 3/4" 15 20
BI-DR-3420 3/4" 20 20
BI-DR-3425 3/4" 25 20
BI-DR-3430 3/4" 30 20
BI-DR-1005 1" 05 20
BI-DR-1010 1" 10 20
BI-DR-1015 1" 15 20
BI-DR-1020 1" 20 20
BI-DR-1025 1" 25 20
BI-DR-1030 1" 30 20
BI-DR-11210 11/2" 10 20
BI-DR-11215 11/2" 15 20


Bright also Makes Manual as well as Customized Fuel Hose Reel according to the Customer Requirement.